Life is a journey that can throw quite a few unexpected twists and turns your way, when you’re least expecting it. A resilient mindset will enable you to handle the shock of unexpected incidents in your life or business, and bounce back with renewed purpose and focus. In today’s fast paced world, people who are resilient have the best chances of not only staying on the path to their goals but also moving forward and turning these goals into achievements. Here are 5 ways that will help you shape a resilient mindset. 


Be open and accepting to change

An accepting mind is the first requisite to overcoming adversity. Imagine one of your best employees resigning one day, out of the blue. Being open to the possibility that skilled talent will look for more rewarding avenues, will keep you better prepared to accept such an event positively without denting either your morale or motivation to keep surging forward. Look out for top entrepreneur coaches who can help you develop a mindset that is receptive to change.

Keep the big picture in sight

Quite often, setbacks tend to not only slow down our momentum but also cloud our vision. Losing key clients in an economic downturn may make some businesses lose track of their ultimate goal – to consolidate their presence, credibility and performance within their chosen industry. Revisiting set goals will enable your business to swing back into action quickly with strategies to replace lost clients with new opportunities. Hiring an entrepreneur business coach is a recommended step, if you want to nurture and hone the ability to maintain clarity of vision even in the middle of a storm.

Have a dependable support system

Having family, friends, colleagues or partners alongside you is like having a safety net to fall onto, when things go wrong. A close knit support system of people who are there to listen to you in times of need, will help lighten your load and give you just the encouraging push you need, to get going towards your goals once again. In fact, successful entrepreneur coaching dwells on nurturing and harnessing the power of a support system in achieving and maintaining a resilient mindset.

Keep believing in yourself

Confidence is among the first casualties when disaster strikes. Rather than get into a mode where you begin to doubt your capabilities, look back at situations where you have successfully overcome challenges. Knowing you have been there before and handled it, will help reaffirm your self-belief and confidence, which are the basic building blocks of recovery strategies. A mind that stays confident is a mind that will be resilient in the face of the biggest challenges.

Maintain your mental and physical health

You may not realize it, but those regular walks or weekly music sessions will come in handy when you are in the midst of a downturn. Much of our ability to bounce back from a setback also depends on our physical and mental resilience, and any investments you make in this area will keep you cushioned with life uplifting returns. For example, a healthy diet and activity regimen will enable your body to withstand the shock of a sudden surprise while mindful pursuits will enable you to stay steadfast even when faced with calamity. 


Resilience is the ability to stay flexible and adaptive in the face of any challenge. With a resilient mindset, you will be able to endure the toughest of changes or situations and still pursue your goals, like nothing ever happened. The 5 tips mentioned in this blog could be a great starting point in the direction of shaping and maintaining a resilient state of mind, at all times. Visit to book an appointment that will change the course of your life or business, or download your free copy of ‘What Every Great Salesperson Knows - A No-nonsense Guide For Sales Success’ by Robert Arzt. Be strong, be resilient.