At the end of an eventful and exhaustive business day, do you feel like you still haven’t done what it really takes to make your business grow? If you do, then there’s a pretty good chance that you indeed haven’t. And you’re not alone in feeling this way; there’s a ton of businesses out there that immerse themselves into daily tasks, issues and responsibilities with the utmost sincerity and  passion, but don’t find enough gains coming at the end of it all. It’s about priority and not just integrity or sincerity. Here’s a post with tips that you may find helpful in better prioritizing your day-to-day and generating the rewards and returns that you truly deserve.

1. Make sure to remind yourself of the ‘why’

The task of running a business is far from easy, and comes with a plethora of issues and challenges. It’s easy to lose sight of your long term vision – the reason you got into business, when resolving day to day issues. Give yourself a wake-up call every now and then, to brush up your prioritization skills and also enable your team to get sharp in setting priorities that will propel you forward.

If your long term goal is to grow into the number one company in terms of earning consumer or client trust, then are you focusing on areas that influence customer service? Once you brush up the ‘why’, you’ll work out the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ accordingly.

2. Take up things that you can control

It’s impossible to control everything that happens in our lives. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to business. You can control how you make a presentation to a prospective client. What you can’t control is, whether or not the client desires to partner with you. You can control the elements that impact the service you provide. What you can’t control is whether your customer comes back a second time. Learning where to control and where to let go is a key developmental area you can focus on, when working with coaches for entrepreneurs.

3. Scrutinize your to-do list

Your list of daily tasks is a great indicator of where your business stands vis-a-vis where it should be. This list will help you understand if there’s a gap between your vision and achievements and if yes, then where and to what extent.  To ensure optimal use of your daily time and resources, give priority to tasks that align with your business’s most critical objectives. This way, you’ll prioritize work better and channel your time to matters that directly impact your business’s credibility, performance and growth.

4. Identify your most important source of revenues

Who are the customers or clients that primarily fuel your business’s growth chart? Typically, it’s a small percentage of every business – including yours, that generates a bulk of the revenues. Identifying your main revenue centers is a great way to ensure a better returns-to-efforts ratio for your business.

5. Separate what’s urgent from what’s important

A lot of businesses equate urgent with important. The fact of the matter is, everything that’s urgent need not be important whereas, quite a few things that are important could be urgent. So, when ‘urgent’ comes calling in, demanding a significant chunk of your time, wait. Analyze the issue to understand its criticality to the performance, growth and stability of your business and then decide whether you need to jump to it or look away from it.

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