As a business, you no doubt strive ceaselessly to deliver excellence to your clients or customers, value to your investors and shareholders, and opportunities to your employees, partners and associates. What you earn in return is an asset that’s invaluable to the growth prospects of any business – Trust. But have you ever imagined how you can leverage the power of trust to work to your advantage in today’s highly competitive world? Here’s a blog that presents a few ways in which you can convert the trust that your business has earned over the years, into one of your best growth and opportunity inducing tools.

1. Share the appreciation and recognition  

If you have clients who reward your efforts with letters of appreciation. If your business has featured in articles or reports posted by exemplary industry watchers or experts. If your business has been included in a poll that ranks the most promising businesses in your industry. If your business has received recognition in any shape or form, share it with your world. It will help consolidate the trust in business relationships.

Here’s what you do:

Spread the word about your milestone achievements through emailers, social media platforms, meetings, or even, a personal phone message. The point is, if you’re recognized, let it be known to those who know you, as well as those who’re poised to get to know you.

2. Show others how to overcome challenges

Your clients trust your business for its ability to resolve their unique needs or problems with appropriate products or services. When restricted to the community of clients, these abilities will earn you the reputation of a dependable business. But when shared with the community of fellow businesses or entrepreneurs, you will be viewed as a business that’s not only capable but also visionary, confident and committed to the growth of your industry. Knowledge that’s shared and not withheld for one’s exclusive gain, will come back as increased goodwill and trust.

Here’s what you do:

Publish blogs, white papers and articles on how fellow businesses, entrepreneurs or practitioners can resolve challenging issues or break past barriers, citing case studies from  your own business journey. This is where talking to business coaches for entrepreneurs will help you create the right strategy to share your insights and experiences in the right place at the right time.

3. Showcase your work culture

Employee retention is one of the greatest challenges faced by most businesses today. On the flip side, employees too are exercising greater caution in choosing which workplaces to join and which to leave alone. If you have a work culture that’s supportive and growth-oriented, creative and inclusive or progressive and balanced, talk about it. News about workplaces that are brimming with the good things, work like magnets when it comes to attracting talent, and also retaining them later on.

Here’s what you do:

Create videos, posts or blogs featuring the best practices that you follow. Publish or post employee videos and testimonials that give a glimpse into how your work culture supports, encourages and inspires every employee to reach their highest and best potential.

4. Ask your clients for recommendations

One of the best signs that your client has implicit trust in your business is when they give you a referral. The logic is, you wouldn’t recommend somebody unless you’re absolutely delighted or satisfied with that person yourself. Ask clients who you believe are completely satisfied with your services, for a recommendation. It’s a great way to make the trust earned by you to deliver extra dividends.

Here’s what you do:

Offer your clients a special incentive for recommending their connections to you, provided they convert into concrete opportunities, of course. Attend industry events that your existing clients are likely to visit, as these are great places to network with prospective clients who may be known to your existing clients.

5. Ask your employees for referrals

You could adopt the same approach that you take with your clients and customers, when it comes to your own employees. Remember, like a satisfied client, a delighted employee too would want to talk about their workplace and better still, invite their friends and family to join their work environment. Here again, you can make business relationships and leverage the trust placed in your business by those who work with you, to gain access to skills and talent that you need to take your business forward.

Here’s what you do:

Create referral programs that reward employees who make referrals, with a well-thought system of benefits and advantages. Make sure to be transparent when it comes to rewarding employees whose referrals convert into new hires.

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