Joan of Arc had famously quoted in the early 1400s, “All battles are first won or lost, in the mind.” Replace the battlefield with the present day hyper-competitive business arena, and the logic still holds. It’s your mindset that determines whether you cave in to challenges or find a way around them, whether you leverage opportunities or lose them to someone else, whether you gain new ground in your field or lose turf to your competitors. So how do you prime your mindset for optimal performance in a fast-changing world? Here are some expert-recommended tips that will help you to shape and maintain the right mindset and attitude to be a winner in the game of business.

1. Be resilient

There are two ways a business can react when hit by an unfavorable turn of events. It could either lose its confidence and motivation to keep moving forward or it could renew its vision, purpose and drive in accordance with its altered environment and continue moving forward. A business coach will help your business get into the latter category by helping you shape a resilient mindset. So, whether it’s a change in technology or a change in industry practices, a loss of a key client or the loss of a key employee, an expert coach will help you foster the spirit to bounce back from the toughest of situations, with more determination and a better strategy.

2. Stay hungry

To keep winning out there, you need to keep improving. It’s a rule that applies whether you’re a start-up, medium sized business, a chain of businesses or a large-sized conglomerate. Develop a mindset that asks “What next?” instead of one that says “Phew! It’s done!” A constant hunger to keep improving your status will lead you to new learnings, new skills, new people, new opportunities and ultimately, new growth. When you work with top business coaches for entrepreneurs, you’ll learn to set the next milestone or benchmark, as soon as you cross the finish line. Perhaps, even before.

3. Think bigger

To stay competitive, you need to be fired up with ideas, possibilities and innovations and not caught up with problems, issues and trivial matters. Make it a point to not get overwhelmed or over-involved with the nitty-gritty of day-to-day business pursuits and challenges. Instead, practice saving more of your vision, energy and dedication for things that will propel your team, your performance or your business to bigger milestones.

4. Stay mindful

A calm mind is one of the most important requisites to succeeding in anything that you do. Staying calm and focused will enable you to think, plan, foresee and act to your highest and best potential. You will not forget important details, make hasty decisions, misread critical scenarios, overreact to routine ups-and-downs and so on. On the contrary, you will enjoy being at work, out in the field or at the helm, and so will those working with or around you. An effective way to stay mindful is to not dwell too much on what’s already happened or ponder too much about what’s yet to happen.

5. Feel grateful

There’s bound to be discontent when you only see what’s not been done or not been achieved. This is the typical mindset of a lot of businesses, and it’s both good and bad. Good, because it makes you work harder, think sharper and plan bigger to get to your goals. Bad, because it stops you from celebrating all the little victories that you’ve notched up, on the path to your ultimate goal. One of the key practices in mindset coaching involves maintaining a ‘gratitude journal’. Think of the things that you feel good about and grateful for, on a daily basis, and list them down. You’ll be surprised how positive, confident and empowered you’ll feel when you look at your achievements, building up in front of you, page by page.

6. Be accountable

Accepting responsibility is a crucial mindset practice that will make the difference between hitting and missing your goals. The more accountable you feel, the more involved you’ll get with every aspect of your performance. You’ll leave nothing to chance when doing the big things – like meeting clients or making presentations, and even when doing the routine things – like drafting emails or taking updates from your team. Find a business coach with the skills and background suited to your needs and business, who’ll guide you to taking greater accountability and reaping better results.

7. Enjoy work

When you look forward to your daily schedule, there’s a higher probability that you’ll get more things done, and the right way too. Do you enjoy meeting clients to understand and resolve their issues? Do you feel inspired creating strategies that align with your goals? Do you lose track of time when brainstorming new possibilities with your team? Make a list of what you love doing more, when at work. And make sure to allocate more time to these activities in your daily or weekly agenda.

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