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A leading authority in time management and organization, sales training, practice management, and accountability systems, Bob Arzt is a frequently sought-after speaker at industry events and local businesses, is a contributor to many trade publications, and the author of the book, “What Every Great Salesperson Knows” and creator of the Time Management Boot Camp course that was adopted by a major industry association.Bob has forged an illustrious coaching career in the financial services industry and business community by helping his clients develop accountability, manage time effectively, and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

He is known for his integrity, rock-solid work ethic, excellent communication skills, and a laser focus on improving the personal productivity of his clients. He brings a high level of emotional intelligence to his coaching practice, and excels in creating a safe, nonjudgmental setting in which his clients can openly discuss the challenges they face. His companies, POLARIS ONE and INSURANCE COACH U, were founded with the same core values that have guided him throughout his career and have enabled him to extend his passion for mentoring others.

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Meet Bob

Meet your coach,
Bob Arzt

Bob is President of Polaris One and Insurance Coach U.  He coaches financial services and business professionals who want to achieve more in their business and personal life. His company specializes in partnering with individuals and companies to increase sales, customer loyalty, staff retention, and personal productivity. Bob brings 35+ years of experience in these areas.

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Kevin D. Lindblom headshot for testimonial
Kevin D. Lindblom,  CLU, ChFC

I spent the first 19 years of my career building and growing a successful business, but doubled it in the two years with my partnership with Coach Bob!

As a lifetime MDRT member and starting my 19th year in my career, I was looking for more growth and development.  I realized that I needed to invest in myself with Coach Bob to continue my goal of helping as many people as possible. In the 2 years that I've been working with Coach Bob, I have doubled my income, built a partnership with the #1 adviser in the area, as well as brought in two full-time staff.

In working with Coach Bob, I am helping my current and future clients BETTER than ever and I have NEVER made a better investment in my life than partnering with Polaris One!

// Your Vision Financial Group
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Kodiak Design Build
Colin Zak

I am a successful residential remodeling contractor in the East Bay.  I started working with Bob over a year ago when I gave into the realization that I needed to modify my business structure and systems. I know construction but I needed help on the business side. Through a number of exercises, we examined my business structure, processes, staffing, clients and how they aligned with my business goals. With his coaching help over the past 15 months, I have added three employees, I'm on pace to increase my business volume by over 25% this calendar year with a comparable increase in net profit. Most importantly, my stress level is down, I have systems in place for continued growth if I choose and I am experiencing a level of excitement for my business that I have not had in years. Bob's experience, humorous and calm demeanor and non-judgemental accountability is a perfect fit for me. His system of goal setting, time management, and management advice has opened doors to new possibilities. Bob has earned my respect and gratitude and I highly recommend him whether you are looking to grow, downsize, start or just better manage your business.

// Owner Kodiak construction
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Nancy Rothstein  headshot for testimonial
Nancy Rothstein

As a small business owner, working with Bob as a coach is an incredible experience. His wealth of resources and tools helps me improve my time management, efficiency, management of employees, focus, goal setting, accountability… and the list goes on.

Bob is one of those rare people whose positive presence lifts up all of those around him. He is a war, kind person who radiates positivity, patience, and optimism. He helps you believe you can be your best self and realize your biggest dreams.

I have nothing but the highest praises for Bob and highly recommend working with him.

// professional Photographer
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Kim HardingBen Harding
Kim and Ben Harding

Bob has coached my husband and I for over 7 years. His guidance and feedback has allowed us to grow our practice and fine-time our processes. Bob helps hold us accountable and encourages us to always strive for further success. We are very lucky to have such a caring person in our lives. ~Kim

Our firm has worked with Bob for the past 4 years, and he has been a critical member of our advisory team.  He has taken a personal interest in our success and always kept us on task.  Bob has helped us through a variety of issues that our firm has faced, and we always feel better after talking our issues through with Bob.  Every interaction has been positive, and we have recommended him to countless other advisors. ~Ben

// Harding Financial
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Spencer Young

Bob offered me invaluable insights on improving law practice management, personal time management, employee relations, and no-nonsense practical guidance on improving my entire quality of life. He is a truly nutritious person. I can't recommend him enough as a business coach, and more importantly, as a person whose energy signature (just being or talking with him) alone is worth your time.

// Spencer Young Law,  PC
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Fred Ruderman

I would like to share with you my experience in employing Bob Arzt as my business coach in 2017 and 2018.

Today, I am approaching my 39th year in the financial services industry as a financial advisor. I hired Bob because I felt I was plateauing. Bob had a positive impact on my career and in my life. Because of the tools Bob taught me, that I continue to use as of today, 2020 has been one of my three best years in my career and one of the best years in my life.

I will always be thankful and grateful for meeting Bob.

// agent/manager
Cherlyn Oto

Bob is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Combined with a focus on client needs, being an excellent listener and a deft communicator, hiring Bob has proved to be one of the most valuable investments, I’ve made in 25 years of being a business owner.  He truly has the gift to point you North.

// President of Eiji Oto Design
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Joe Delaney

I have had the pleasure of working with Coach Bob for 18 months and have found the coaching relationship to be of great value to me and my practice. He has allowed me to focus on the important elements of my practice, hold me accountable for my goals and steps necessary to achieve them. He has also been an invaluable sounding board for all of my ideas and discussing how best to execute them. If you are considering hiring a business coach to accelerate your growth and streamline your business, be sure to speak to Coach Bob.

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